Bringing Lift Propulsive Pedaling to the Cycling World!

Dear All,

The last few years have been very challenging to say the least but never without loosing track of bringing LPP to the forefront. It is June of 2020 and after helping my dear wife Betty through a tough 6 years battle with ALS, loosing her is 2018, and having to spend the rest of the time having to rebuild my life without her, I can finally say that I’m back and ready to provide LPP to all of you interested in adapting to this awesome pedaling technique.

Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, I have not been able to teach my indoor cycling classes at 24 Hour Fitness. However, I have been able to have the time to ride 120 miles a week in my SSL and I can truly tell you that I love it! Now at the age of 69, after being off the bike since 2015 in order to take care of Betty, I’m back with some pretty darn good power outputs.

I no longer compete in time trials. My focus now is to make LPP known to the cycling world. To that effect, I have pulled considerable financial resources to making it known via the cycling and triathlons magazines media and as well as creating the membership driven website. Join it and witness like many others and me, how awesome it is to pedal fast, powerful, efficiently and totally quad burning free with LPP!!!

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