LPP Pro Rider

Stephan on Start Line
Start Line at UCI Race Bonelli Park


Stephane Roch is an accomplished California Mountain Cycling Professional who frequently competes in National and UCI rated events. Born in Switzerland, his family moved to the United States, where at the age of 13 he started his racing career. Moving up the amateur ranks, he turned professional in 2013 and took a 5th Place in the US National Short Track Championships.

In 2014 he took 3rd Place overall in the Kenda Cup Pro Men, 3rd Place in the California State Championships, 1st Place in his age group, 1st Place overall in the Pro Men Division of the 6 Hours of Temecula, 4th Place Overall in the Cedar City Fire Road 100K, and 59th Place Overall against a very strong International Pro field in the famous Sea Otter Classic

In 2015 he started specializing in endurance racing. Within fields of over 2000 riders in the Leadville 100, he took a 55th place in 2015 and 87th Place in 2016. This time he notched a 1st Place overall in the Kenda California Endurance Series in 2015. In the Cascade 100 he took a 25th Place overall in 2017 and a 29th place in 2019. He also took another 1st Place overall in the 2019 California Endurance Series. In 2019 he also traveled to Switzerland where he participated in a grueling 5 day stage race in the Alps.

Stephane has championship level poise and a well earned technical cycling expertise in his craft. Stephane still enjoys racing and also coaches up and coming mountain cyclists who aspire to one day joining the Elite ranks. He also coaches mountain bikers of all levels that are interested in adopting the Lift Propulsive Pedaling technique. After testing the technique he became a strong proponent of it. He sees a solid place for it at most levels of mountain biking and e-mountain biking. He also sees and highly values LPP’s selective use within the Elite/Pro Mountain biking competitions. I’m honored to have him be the only other fully qualified individual with the technical knowhow and first hand knowledge to be able to successfully coach LPP.

You can visit Stephane’s website at http://stephaneroch.com. You can also view him in action by going to https://youtu.be/xLCyn-PmhLU.

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