LPP Test Bike

Trek Madone 6.9 SSL (2012 Model)

Screen shot 2015-03-18 at 10.33.40 PM
Trek 6.9 SSL Used in 2011 by Pro Team Leopard Trek

The 2012 version of the Trek Madone 6.9 SSL  used in this Lift Propulsive Pedaling tests is the same Pro level high performance bike frame and Shimano DuraAce 7900 Di-2 electronic drive train configuration introduced by Trek for the 2011 Leopard Trek Pro Team and also the same bike used by the Radio Shack-Nissan Trek Team to win the Team Classification of the 2012 Tour de France.

Radio Shack Nissan Trek 6.9 SSL
Trek 6.9 SSL Used in 2012 by the Pro Team Radio Shack Nissan Trek to win the Team Classification of the Tour de France

Beyond that basic configuration, the LPP bike has been optimized with a Profile Design Cobra Drop aerodynamic handlebar, ceramic bearings in the crank shaft, Easton EC-90 Carbon Rims, a Stages Power Meter system, a Titanium Specializes Romin saddle, Continental 4000 11 Tires and a Garmin 800 Cockpit. Stephane uses Speedplay pedals.

6.9 SSL
Trek 6.9 SSL Used by Stephane Roch in 2015 to do the Performance Testing of the Lift Propulsive Pedaling Method

 A Close Look at the Specification of the LPP Test Bike


Screen shot 2015-03-18 at 11.37.25 PM

Frame Set

Color :  Crystal Pearl White

Frame Set : 700 Series OCLV Carbon, E2 BB90, Internal Cable Routing, Duo Trap Compatible

Fork: Bontrager Race XXX Lite, Full Carbon w/E2 Asymmetrical Steer, Carbon Dropouts

Size: 54 Centimeters

The 6.9 SSL is simply a truly amazing bike. For it’s looks,  it’s comfort and  it’s performance  capability, it was truly a “one of kind” in it’s heyday and is good enough for me to enjoy for years to come! Stephane loves to ride the SSL. He can’t say enough about it and with it, he has captured and holds every Strava KOM within the LPP test course. Let’s take a close look at what this racing beauty has attached to it to make it zoom!


Shinanon 7900 Di2 System closeup

Drive Train

Shimano DuraAce 7900 Di-2 Electronic System – A solid electronic Pro level system that provides shifting consistency time and time again. This is the same Di-2 system that was used in the 1213 Tour de France by the Radio Shack Nissan Trek team and it still performs extremely well and trouble free for me today. Love my 7900 Di-2 and yes! I would like to have the new 11 speed Di-2 system too!!!


12-23 Cassette Close Up


Shimano DuraAce CS 7900 12-23 Cassette  (Sprockets: 12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-21-23) – This 10 sprockets cassette is ideal for time trials because of it’s gearing tightness. It is also a thing of beauty when used with LPP although the#25 sprocket of the new 11 sprocket Dura Ace systems would works even better for me  in the 7.5% and steeper grades.


Standard Double (53-39 ) Closeup


Shimano DuraAce 7900 – 172.5 mm Standard Double (53/39) Crankset with BB Trek Madone Shimano Kit Ceramic Bearings – I’m definitively a Standard Double crankset type! I could never get quite used to the Compact cranksets. Changing from standard to ceramic bearings was a great call. I’m picky about the bike, how it sound and how it feels. Smooth pedaling is the word with those ceramic bearings.


Stages Power Meter
Stages Power Meter
This Image Provided by Stages Cycling Depicts the Elegant Simplicity of this “State of the Art” Power Meter System

Power Platform

Stages Power Meter System Fully Integrated to a Shimano DuraAce 7900 Left Crank Arm –  Awesome power tech!  Incidentally, because of it’s proven consistency, the Stages Power Meter is the power meter system used by Team Sky, which today is ranked as one of the top Pro Cycling Teams in the world. I have nothing but great things to say about this system. Extremely easy to calibrate, consistent, reliable, doesn’t alter the configuration of my SSL and it is extremely reasonably priced! In my mind, a true breakthrough in power meter engineering technology!


Data Display Cockpit

Garmin 1000 Computer System – A rock solid data display cockpit with all the required parameters necessary to make sense out of the displayed data. To me, one of it’s salient features is it’s capability to provide consistent realtime data display of % grade! Without it, climbing related data and it’s physiological correlation losses perspective. That is a feature that in my mind is priceless and has certainly made a HUGE difference towards the development and fine tuning of LPP.



Profile Design Cobra Drop Aerodynamic Carbon Handlebars – What would I do without them! Every cent extremely well spent! In the past I have suffered of carpal tunnel on both wrists. It is definitively because of all the typing I have had to do throughout my engineering career. Even though both of wrists are now operated, it was very recently that I fixed my left one. This handlebar allowed me to ride several hours a sitting for two years with an active carpal tunnel in that left wrist. It also allowed me to ride and protect it after it was operated. Vibration in this Profile Design Cobra is negligible.  In addition to the fact that it also has a clean and sleek airfoil shape, I love it’s ergonomic geometry when grabbing the top of the handlebars while climbing.


Easton EC 90 Rim Close Up

 Rims and Tires

Easton EC – 90 Super Light Carbon Rims with Continental Grand Prix 4000 II Tires – I have two other sets of top of the line carbons, one for Time Trials and another one for general purpose similar use as that of the Easton Rims. For lightness and and pedaling ease I prefer the EC-90s. I also feel safe in my Conti tires.


Speedplay Pedals Closeup


Stephane’s Own Speedplay Pedals – For all the right reasons he loves them! I ride with LOOK KEO pedals yet I’m starting to give the Speedplays some serious consideration.


Weight With All Components – 15.2 Pounds

That in a nutshell is the makeup of the LPP Test Bike. This configuration will be kept as show throughout all the tests.

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