Post # 1 – Anatomy of LPP Test Track # 1

LPP Test Track # 1

LPP Test Track 1 Map
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The first LPP track of our performance testing is a 20 mile segment that has a variety of terrain that adds approximately 1,100 feet of vertical ascent. The track is in North San Diego. It starts at the Intersection of Carmel Valley Road and I-56, follows Carmel Valley Road to Camino Del Sur. The track continues on Camino Del Sur as it changes name to Camino del Norte on the intersection of Rancho Bernardo Road. The track now continues on Camino del Norte until it loops back on the intersection of Camino San Bernardo. For the first 10 miles, the Pro Test Rider is mostly ascending with a maximum gradient of 5.5% prior to the intersection of Carmel Valley Road and Camino del Sur. The returning 10 miles are mostly descending , yet there is rolling terrain as well as two longish ascent efforts. The maximum ascent gradient on the way back is 6.5%.

Test Track Terrain Profile

Test Track Terrain Profile Invert
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There are several intersections with traffic lights across the track. That is one of the vagaries of the road so we deal with them as best as possible. Our goal is to do the testing under realistic cycling conditions so that data is looked at, internalized and appreciated from that perspective, not from an ideal scenario that does not match cycling reality. The bottom line is that the results of the tests on this track are conservative and could have yielded higher performance results under ideal conditions such as with minimal or no need to stop for traffic lights.

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