Post # 6 – Update of LPP Test Activities – Interim Post

To all interested Followers,

During the month of June and July, Stephane Roch had participated in several high profile Pro Mountain Bike racing events. He has notched two second and two fourth places in the process and has qualified for the notorious and extremely tough Leadville 100 race! He has informed me that he consistently uses LPP during his grueling training road work and as much as possible when the terrain patterns allow it during his Mountain Bike races.

Results from the Leadville 100 for Stephane were excellent. He took 56 overall out of 1400 participants in this brutal International event and made good use of LPP in the process. We start posting test results during the month of September as we continue our testing of the LPP technique.

Thanks and stay tuned!

Joseph Vilella

Off the Ascent at Rock Garden
Stephane Roch in Competition

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