Post # 7 – LPP T3 – Third 100% Utilization of LPP (Please Review Test Results Postings in Sequential Order Starting with Post # 1)

LPP is Used 100% of the Time During the Test

The wind conditions of this test were similar to those of the previously logged fastest test where the wind was so mild as to not to be a factor. This test was performed less than two weeks after Stephane had come from the Leadville 100 race. He is fully adapted to the LPP technique and even though it could be argued that there could have been some level of performance degradation because of the fact that he had recently undergone such a severe mountain biking effort as the one the Leadville 100 posses, he was able to log a faster time than the one he previously logged. It is also important to note that this effort was done at a normalized power of 315 watts, which is only 5% watts off his FTP. His LPP technique continues to show improved results.

Test Results

Terrain Profile

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Power Data Values

Test 5 - Power Zone Image
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Heart Rate Data Values

Test 5 - Heart Rate Zone Image
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Overall Performance Data


Third LPP Utilization Test 3 Summary (LLP T3)

The results speak for themselves. Improved test track performance with LPP! I like the fact that in this particular run, Stephane was able to generate 4 more watts of normalized power than in his crosswind run while using 6 kilojoules less of effort. I think it is safe to say that LPP has proven to be indeed a consistent high pedaling efficiency technique.

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